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AHQ (Flag) 
AHQ (Flag) is a very special conception in the world war. It can decide the direction of the war. So what is AHQ? 
1. Introduction 
1) What it AHQ? 
AHQ is the symbol of each power. The three powers own one AHQ respectively. AHQ is in the form of flag. 
2) What is the Flag used for? 
A. The resource output (special resources are not included) and buff effect will be doubled in the flag city and its adjoining cities. 
B. When you fight in the flag city, the max honor that all troops of this power can get will be increased by 50% and ATK, DEF & HP of all troops of this power will be increased by 20% 
3) Is the AHQ (Flag) destroyable? 
It can be destroyed by enemy powers. After being destroyed, it will return to the newbie city of the power automatically. 
4) Who controls the AHQ (Flag)? 
It is controlled by the king of the power. 

2. Movement 
AHQ (Flag) can only be set in a world city. But there are limitations in the cities. 
Which cities can the Flag move to? 
It can set in any cites which belong to this power or nearby enemy cities (must under attacked). 
How to move? 
· Step 1: On King’s order page, click “move the flag” 
· Step 2: Select one city 

3. Effects 
What effects do the AHQ have? 
Wining AFQ and losing AFQ will both have effects: 
· Wining AFQ: 
Within 24 hours, honors all players of the power will get will be increased by 50%; movement speed of troops will be increased by 50%. 
· Failing AFQ: 
Within 24 hours, honors all players of the power will get will be decreased by 50%; ATK of troops will be increased by 40%. In the following day, the king will have no free levy chance and the ministers’ chances will be deducted 20. 

Troops play an important role in the world war, and what is the difference between normal troops and world war troops? 
1. Selection 
1) Do I need to reselect troops in the world war? 
2) After reselection, the troops can join the world war immediately? 
No, they need to regroup before join the world war. 
3) How to select troops? 
Click "active" button of the troop interface on the right side of World War page. Then click your troop to select. 




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